Sapphire Kite Village

Kite School & Accomodation


Sapphire KiteVillage comes with a kite school, under the name: Surfpoint Sri Lanka. Maybe this name is familiar to you, because you can find this school in Greece and Vietnam as well, and now also introduced in the context of an association in Sri LankaThey not only teach kitesurf, but show how to feel and live as a Kitesurfer. Uniquely the school provides opportunities for disabled people to familiarize themselves with kitesurf. Qualifications and specialized equipment already allowed to teach disabled people in Greece and Vietnam.


Kite spot in the lagoon

You should know that Kalpitiya lagoon is only separated from the open ocean by a narrow sandy beach, here is our Kite spot. As a beginner, you can enjoy smooth water of the lagoon, or if you are advanced, only short walk to reach the open ocean and can ride the waves.

Our services:

·         Kite instruction

·         Equipment rental

·         Kite repairing and storage

·         Kite spot transport with staff

·         Boat rescue


Daily routine:

·         Breakfast: 07:30 – 09:00

·         Morning start to kite spot: 09:00

·         Return to village for lunch : 12:00

·         Lunch time: 12:30-14:00

·         Return to the kite spot: 14:00

·         Go back to the village:17:00

·         Dinner: 19:00 – 20:30





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