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 S A P P H I R E   K I T E   V I L L A G E


Once Upon a Time there was a uniquely beautiful island near India, which was called Sri Lanka. In the old times it was called Ceylon, which is referring to the shape of a tear. This island is not only famous about it’s natural environment, but also it has a unique culture, mixed with the impact of British colonial empire and the ancient Buddhist feeling. Ideal place for summer and water sports enthusiasts and world travelers.



W H Y   E S P E C I A L L Y   K A L P I T I Y A ? 

If you are on a special place like Sri Lanka, where you can find more and more beautiful landscapes, better and better adventures await you, these are the reasons why to choose Kalpitiya. You can find everyting here, what you need for a holiday. If you like active rest or water sports , THIS IS THE PLACE! If you desire a romantic place with your spouse, or you want a memorable trip with your family, DO NOT HESITATE! From May to September the sky is covered with kites at the lagoon. Not only for professionals! If you are not so adventurous, wonderful trips await you. In the winter, you can watch whales and dolphins close to the coast, as part of a boat trip. For children and adults this provides a lifetime experience. You can enjoy a safari tour in the Willpatu National Park. Not only the lagoon is very close (only five minutes on foot), but also has a beach. One special feature is that the dolphin watching boats departing from the front side of the Kite Village. While you are waiting you can refresh yourself in the bar. The hotel has an own parking area where you can leave safely your Vehicle. In our restaurant you can eat great Sri Lankan and also European dishes, you can relax in our bar and have a rest after your daily experiences.







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